Choosing the most appropriate raw materials, which in our case is Non Woven Polypropylene (NWPP), is in itself only half a solution if not coupled with excellent design. Foremost we believe there must be particular consideration and emphasis given to the practical needs of the user, with aesthetically attractive features very important for shoppers, retailers and other commercial users alike.

For example the basic concept and shape of the original standard Green Bag first developed in Ireland was in fact fundamentally influenced by customers and supermarket checkout staff, so it really was created by customers for customers. And you can\'t be more customer led and practical than that!

> Typical Features Of All Our Products Include:

  • 100% recyclable and totally re-usable
  • Packing and carrying capacity of 3-4 plastic bags eliminating thousands of harmful bags over its lifespan
  • Our materials are water repellent and so avoids bacteria or foul odours
  • Our materials are non toxic, non corrosive, non-allergenic

Our branded products are visually distinctive and readily recognizable by our green colour and trade mark.

> Product Sample - Our Standard Green Bag™

(Now Widely Used Around the World, this Award Winning Shopping Bag is, in Addition to the Features Above)

  • Easy to pack and unpack - easier on your back
  • Easier to carry because of its strong wide handles
  • Practically hands free due to its stabilizing base
  • Can be used for a variety of tasks and is long life
  • Easily accessible and very affordable

> Product Design - New Styles

We at Green Bag are very proud of our company\'s range of own products - obviously so are many others as they keep copying us! We are also committed to continual innovation in the creation of new design and products. More and more we are being asked to design and produce around individual or corporate needs that vary from, promotional products, to trade show items, complimentary gift items etc.

Product Spectrum

Please do enquire about our Custom Design Service where we can take your ideas from concept stage right through to finished product resulting in real advertising benefits for your business or activity.

> Our Promise and Guarantee

We are extremely proud of all our Green Bag products and the benefits they have for our environment. We are also confident they will meet the most demanding of customer standards. In the unlikely event that our product does not meet users expectations we will be happy to replace any item within a year of purchase.

Green Bag Company - Making a Difference

Standard Green Bag
Standard Bag
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Zip-up Bag
Zip-Bag with Dispenser
Pocket Size
Zip-up Bag
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Wine Bag